In the video below, Mary Kate Bristow, sings the original song “Letting Go.” Many people have been touched by this song, written by Robert Dunn and Mary Kate Bristow. The “Letting Go” video has been developed by Hospice of Dubuque using photos of the patients and families with whom we have journeyed through the years.

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In addition to providing care for terminally ill individuals and their families prior to a death, Hospice of Dubuque also provides bereavement support to hospice family members after their loved one has died. Services consist of:

  • a personal contact, six to eight weeks after the death of the hospice patient, by a member of the bereavement staff, to review the death experience and explore agency or community services that may be helpful
  • a series of supportive mailings, available for twelve months after the death of the hospice patient, that provide information on the grief process and suggestions on coping with the range of emotions often experienced after a loss
  • periodic six-week grief support groups, which involve a combination of personal sharing, journal writing, reading assignments and bereavement videos
  • memorial service celebrating the lives of Hospice of Dubuque patients who have recently died
  • an annual Tree of Life Memorial Service, extended to the entire tri-state community
Hospice of Dubuque's bereavement services are available to any tri-state resident who has experienced a loss through death. The bereaved individual need not have any prior affiliation with Hospice of Dubuque.

Hospice of Dubuque's bereavement program is entirely funded by community support. Services are available at no cost, but donations are accepted and appreciated.

Support Groups

Bereavement support meetings are a chance to share your experiences with others going through similar times in their lives. The bonds created in grief support groups can help someone turn a corner and start the path to healing. Hospice of Dubuque bereavement support groups are offered to all members of the community dealing with the death of a loved one regardless of whether they utilized hospice services. Our caring staff is here to help. Each session runs for six weeks and preregistration is required.

For more information, email Jessica at or call 563.582.1220

Grief resources

Please call
(563) 582 1220

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