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How can you help?

Those wishing to volunteer have many opportunities to help patients and their family members through a difficult time in their lives. Whether you are interested in providing direct patient support, family grief support or volunteering in other ways, your advocacy is important to the Hospice of Dubuque mission.

Who are hospice patient care volunteers?

Hospice volunteers are men and women who have chosen to devote a portion of their time to assist patients and families receiving hospice care.

How are volunteers prepared?

All volunteers who will be working directly with patients and families must complete Hospice of Dubuque's Volunteer Educational Program. In this eight-week program, volunteers learn the concept of hospice care and how to provide emotional support to patients and families requesting assistance. In addition to completing this program, patient care volunteers must subject to a screening process that includes interviews and background checks. Completion of the 8-week program is not necessary for those interested in volunteering in clerical, grounds-keeping or fund-raising roles. These individuals will be interviewed, receive information about the organization and their specific volunteer role, and be subject to background checks.

What can a volunteer do for you?

Volunteers are available to assist in a variety of ways. If the hospice patient is at home, the volunteer can come for a period of time to allow the caregiver an opportunity to run errands, rest or take a break. In the nursing home, as well as a personal residence, the volunteer can offer companionship to the patient.

When are volunteers available and how many volunteers are assigned?

Volunteers can be arranged to come at a specific time each week or can visit as needed. The number of volunteers, the frequency of visits, and the length of time they offer to stay vary with the patient’s and family’s needs and the availability of our volunteers.

Interested in becoming a Hospice of Dubuque volunteer?

Hospice of Dubuque has many volunteers who function in varying capacities. One such capacity is patient care. If you are interested in volunteering as a patient care volunteer, classes are offered in the fall of each year. Classes run for eight weeks and two hours each week. The time and location are determined each fall. Surviving family members are encouraged to wait a minimum of one year following the patient's death before serving as direct care volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for Hospice of Dubuque in any capacity, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 563.582.1220 or

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