Bereavement Support Groups: 6-Week Support Group Series

This group series takes place 3 times each year having series in the winter, spring, and fall. We offer both evening and daytime options meeting once each week over the course of 6 weeks This group is very interactive with a great deal of sharing, support, and grief education taking place over the 6 weeks together. We use videos and various assignments to engage and dig deeper into the healing journey of grief. This is a closed group, meaning participants register for the group and the same group of people journey together throughout the 6 weeks. Please reach out to our bereavement staff for more information about the next support group series at 563-582-1220 or email Hospice of Dubuque’s Bereavement Coordinator, Mary Boots.  

You Are Not Alone

Each grief experience is unique, but you are not alone. Hospice of Dubuque is here to support those who are grieving a loss. Our bereavement coordinator and grief volunteers listen, offer guidance, and share resources. Bereavement services are available to any tri-state resident, even if there is no prior affiliation with Hospice of Dubuque. Our bereavement program is entirely funded by community support. Services are available at no cost, but donations are accepted.

In the video below, Mary Kate Bristow sings an original song “Letting Go.” Many people have been touched by this song, written by Robert Dunn and Mary Kate Bristow. The “Letting Go” video includes photos of patients and families we have served.

Note: Hospice of Dubuque is not responsible for any content on YouTube, regardless of access via the video clip embedded above.